SHOTGUN Camo - Signature Series

A resistance band to MATCH one of our most popular prints. We proudly bring you the Fitfarms Signature Series ūüĒę Shotgun ūüĒę

Fit Bands by Fit Farm Girl are not your average resistance bands ‚Äď made from a high quality elasticated material these bands will not slip, snap or roll.

Each band purchased gives you access to a free downloadable copy of the Official Fit Bands ebook!

The medium resistance which offers a great option for those doing rehabilitation exercises for the lower body or beginners who desire a fuller range of motion on exercises and the heavy resistance which is perfect resistance for intermediate users. 

How do I know which resistance strength to choose?

This is a very individual question and depends on your fitness level and more so your intention with the bands. 

Exchanges will not be done for the incorrect resistance chosen


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